There is a multitude of reasons, both human and machine-based, that may harm the IT infrastructure of an organization. Poor hardware and software choices, latency in timely upgrades, out-of-sync system configurations, and password vulnerabilities are some of the most commonly discussed ones.

When an enterprise is connected to unsecured networks, it may create room for malevolent access, threatening organizational data security. The inability of decision-makers to understand VAPT (Vulnerability and Penetration Testing) is perhaps the big reason why many organizations fail to keep track of, diagnose, check, and cure their system’s vulnerabilities.

While many organizations have understood the ROI on annual VAPT testing; particularly as a follow-up to software update/change/scaling, most remain undecided.

Read ahead to understand the right perception for businesses to prevent any cyber fatalities…

Systems’ Evaluation often yields benefits – Expose the Unknown

With the sustained rise in cyber technology dynamism, new breakthrough technologies are quickly arising; many without the assurance that they don’t increase the existing IT system’s risk exposure.

100% security is not always possible and this is often ignored in the enthusiasm of adopting what is considered a breakthrough.

What an organization does to protect its systems against cyber-attacks is directly proportional to how any software change is managed. If an institution constantly sieves it’s IT infrastructure and complex ecosystem, many undefined vulnerabilities can be gainfully identified, i.e. before being used as opportunities by cyber attackers.

There is sufficient room to mitigate the risk and bring it down to an acceptable threshold, if the approach is hands-on, without a waiting period or protocol-heavy approvals. These timely checks can also help unearth unaddressed but already-existing loopholes in cyber systems.

In other words, what seems like a new risk evaluation often gives way to find out more about what has been inherently wrong all along!

The Big Truth about Risk Analysis – Being Vulnerable is OK!!

Being vulnerable seems synonymous to being defeated; but in reality, it is often the stepping stone towards self-sufficiency and more security windfalls.

Weaknesses creep into an IT environment when awareness or combative solutions become passive. Invariably, some vulnerability surfaces. However, with the right tools to constantly identify emerging vulnerabilities, organizations can timely detect massive, potentially fatal cyber mistakes in the making.

This might mean just another firewall or a dedicated debugging period—the solutions follow only when the challenge is clearly identified.

VA or Vulnerability Assessment/Analysis includes all tasks related to identifying, quantifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities. This spans across communications infrastructures, networks, and computers. It is a classical risk analysis tool and now, in its modern avatar, it remains equally useful for contemporary systems.

Penetration Tests & More – The Need for VAPT

Penetration tests are essentially authorized simulated infiltration on identified, monitored systems to investigate the most unassuming security loopholes. They help to extract weaknesses that may be used to gain access to organizational data.

These tests are highly recommended reality checks about a system’s overall vulnerability.

There are many automated penetration tools out there, most promising a wide range of results. It is highly recommended to get a Manual Penetration Test done at least annually, and these results may then be compared with the findings of automated testing tools.

Most times, vulnerabilities in the system are identified and collated, but the risk prioritization is almost never carried out. It is very crucial for organizations to prioritize risks to diffuse the biggest threat.

Have you identified your VAPT solutions provider?

Sometimes human error introduces faulty configurations that a cybercriminal may identify and exploit. Therefore, it is an ideal practice to let a third party try the penetration resistance of your system.

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