The modern digital age demands companies to create and curate relevant content to attract the right attention. While creating engaging content which can connect readers is a fairly difficult task, the curation of content is also just as time-consuming. User-generated content is the best, but it is hard to achieve.

Enter Content Automation…

A new concept to automate content that is taking the center stage by helping organizations keep up with the demands of delivering the right content to the right people via the right channel. Content at the right time, the right place at a reduced cost. But the truth is, most workplaces fail at content automation in one way or another.

Here are listed some of the most common mistakes workplaces commit on your journey from Content Creation to Automation.

MISTAKE#1 Automating the Entire Process of Content Generation

It is important to realize that content creation is mainly a human activity and, while automation technology itself is rather sophisticated, automated contact often lacks depth and insight. Automating the content generation processes can no doubt make the work a whole lot easier and faster, but they do little to establish your thought-leadership in the industry. Automating the entire process may not be the best idea for workplaces, rather they should automate only those parts of content creation that can give better results after automation while still being relevant and engaging to their industry.

MISTAKE#2 Only a Fraction Learn to Automate

A common mistake while automating the content processes is that only a few people at the workplace understand the inner working of the automation program. This causes an uneven knowledge base and results in upper-level skill holders having to perform automation tasks every time, which leads to a wastage of time. To avoid issues in the future, it is important for everyone on the team to engage in the conversation from the start.

This eliminates technological redundancy and improves the overall efficiency of the final solution. Workplaces which involve multiple team members from different departments see a much higher success rate with implementation and a lower automation software cost.

MISTAKE#3 Automating Too Much Too Quickly

The best way to automate content is in stages while ensuring the already-existing content strategy is working to its full potential. Automation of time-consuming tasks is a great way to reduce costs and save time, but it still needs regular monitoring.

If the automation is not managed well, or not optimized enough, any workplace could end up with serious issues in the future.

So, the best way going to implement content automation is to do it in smaller, more manageable batches; this ensures everything will work the way it should. The pressure to learn the new system faster may leave employees open to making errors.

MISTAKE#4 Absence of a Solid Content Plan

Content automation will be of no use if your content strategy is already ineffective.

Don’t use automation as a band-aid!

Not having a robust content strategy in place is one of the most crucial reasons why most workplaces fail to implement content automation processes to their best advantage. Without an effective content plan, you can’t bring the best out of your automation platform. Make sure you have a good staple of quality content that is both meaningful and engaging to the readers you intend to reach.

Without a solid content automation implementation strategy and expertise, workplace risk:

  • Missing crucial targets and go-live dates
  • Delivering a disorganized solution that doesn’t integrate smoothly with the key processes
  • Suffering unexpected cost increase and/or implementing a half-baked solution
  • Only dealing with easier stuff while leaving the harder segments of the solution untended

Concluding Thoughts:

While the digital world has compelling reasons not to ignore content automation, every workplace should be aware of the common mistakes while moving from content creation to content automation. While most content automation fails are very easy to fix, the ones like lacking a solid content plan could be among the trickier ones.

It is best to learn from the past failures of other organizations and avoid the same kind of mistakes or take help from the content automation experts to let your workflow with intelligent content. When you have the right approach by your side, implementation of just about any automation tool can have the power to transform your business.

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