With the crisis and continuous spread of Covid 19 Virus, it has become difficult for businesses and industries to operate ‘normally’, because the outbreak of Coronavirus has become a catastrophe.

The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. According to the reports, the global number of reported cases of Covid 19 crossed 2 Million as on 15th April 2020.        

At times of such crisis, when the world is hard; lives, livelihood and the economy needs to be fully prepared for the consequences amid putting out fires and staying afloat at the moment.

Many businesses are redeploying their capabilities and services to meet the needs of the society. At this point, it is critical for businesses to offer services that would help society and the market to cope with such a huge loss.

Based on the analysis and efforts of diverse companies and their preparedness and potential to prepare for such a crisis, let’s discuss the steps businesses can take during the coronavirus crisis.

Adapting services based on the current situation

A threat of this scale has definitely affected global economies with restrictions and unavailability of many services. With the downsizing of the economy, it has become important for businesses to maintain brand credibility with public interest. It is time to get creative and brainstorm different strategies and ways to sustain your business and provide delivery of the services and products, which are the need of the hour.

Not only do you have to consider business survival during the outbreak, but also have to strategize for post-pandemic growth. Now is the time when you must adapt services that are suitable for the current scenario. It is expected to be at least a year before things return close to normalcy. Thus, it is wise to use and produce solutions that would benefit other areas or your customers.

Effective communication is the key

The best step to follow for businesses during the coronavirus crisis is Communication. It is vital to have a multi pronged communication strategy to pass on the credible and verified information to employees and clients.

With employees working from home, it is necessary to establish a clear communication strategy  for the smooth functioning of the business and services. Employees should be made to use platforms that allow the team to communicate and collaborate efficiently.

Platforms that allow teams to integrate functions and communicate effectively can be used during work-from-home days. Companies like Clavis Technologies offer platforms for the businesses to integrate and communicate with team members and employees quicker and more effectively. In addition, meetings can be conducted through Google Hangout, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or other such platforms.

Identify the challenges in your business

One of the most precautionary steps to follow for businesses during Coronavirus is identify the challenges of your business. Many companies are struggling to navigate through such a situation and find a suitable strategy. It is tempting to focus on getting new business at this time, but simultaneously it is imperative to consider the challenges, be it short term or long term, to keep the business going.

To identify challenges, make a list of present and current problems and then strategize an effective plan for the much-needed resolution. It is best to take different scenarios and every possibility into account.

One has to consider everything from maintaining daily operations to upgrading technology for seamless communication flow to adapting services to the situation. It is essential for you to amend your services and take this opportunity to protect and ensure business continuity.

 A Leaving Note

It is time to evaluate your processes and efficiencies and improve them. Think about the ways this outbreak is going to affect the business and working process and plan for every scenario. Be prepared for the worst, especially if we face an L-shaped industry or economic recovery.

This is the real test and a chance to come out of the storm stronger and get a better product or service.

Amidst all the thinking and implementation, Stay Safe and Healthy.