Rapid advancement in interactive technologies has raised human expectations. What was earlier disruptive and hence overwhelming is now rebranded as new frontier or emerging standards.

Still, the technology that is away from becoming mainstream and is not associated with immediate adoption will challenge businesses and decision-makers like you.

Some of Gartner’s most recent research predicts challenging tech trends for 2019 as a blend of what will progress from 2018, like complex applications of Artificial Intelligence, and some new tech that will grab eyeballs in 2019.

In this discussion, we are mapping such digital transformations, some of which are underway, and others are poised to make themselves felt…

Disruptive Technology Trends for 2019

1. Phygital is Positioned Interestingly

…most businesses might not be ready for this, but it seems inevitable

Internet of Things [IoT] will multiply manifold in 2019, but there is a bit of ambiguity about some of its extended ecosystem. The Phygital component has been largely ignored until now, however, 2019 seems to be its grand year.

But first, what exactly is Phygital?

It is, basically, a convergence between the digital and the physical domains to develop an environment where brands and consumers can interact well for enhanced user experience. The integration of a small community store that can generate a smooth e-commerce experience using digital purchase catalogs or interfaces is a great example of a Phygital environment.

The goals of the Phygital are more comprehensive without excess development on smart machines. AR too might become a part of this world. Furthermore, Phygital growth is engaging such customers who like a bit of physical experience in their largely digital shopping ecosystem.

It is presumed that when walk-in customers readily start using apps for quicker more relevant product selection, without the need for retailers to explain to them how; the Phygital will have truly arrived.

2. The Need to Not Meet & Exceed Customer Expectations

…but to overwhelm them with Digital Compassion 

Digitally-enhanced consumer insight is rapidly snowballing. Consumers now are more curious, demanding, impatient and have limited brand loyalty. Certain tech trends’ reports state that there is any inconsistency between what customer demands and what companies are delivering.

Moving in 2019, this variance between digital experience creators and unrestrained consumer expectations is anticipated to take a new shape. For brands, this shape might be in the form of consumers’ digital empathy mapping.

All app-based marketing initiatives already have vast data collation and interpretation underground. But now, the focus on predicting the most precise behavioral shift might get more serious. The emphasis would be on identifying problems specific to the minuscule, most hyper-segment consumer demographics.

With this digital mapping will become more aggressive.

Online collaboration tools might further push the line for maintaining data privacy/data sharing limitations. Predictive analysis will be shaken-up, asked to function like a crystal ball gazer, with an army of app developers and data scientists in the ranks. Customer digital journeys will be mapped in more completion, carefully assimilating the most innocuous behaviors too!

3. Rising Standards for Block-Chain Data Identity

…with expectedly reluctant consumer adoption

Blockchain is positioned interestingly, most likely to be an important cog in the wheel of consumer data identity and privacy protection. Though a game-changer, Blockchain too has certain challenges.

Its seemingly incorruptible data recording system provides implausible verification capabilities. Its range of data security applications includes digital shopping. Now, buying histories can be restricted from intrusive scrutiny, unless the consumer grants shareable rights. Accordingly, everyone from ad publishers to those viewing the ads can become more ethical users and sharers of data with Blockchain.

However, in 2018, not all E-commerce platforms have adopted Blockchain with open arms. There is still some hesitancy, and as Blockchain takes a more mainstream look, consumers who are just about getting comfortable with current norms for digital data privacy, might get hostile and might not be ready for any paradigm shift.

So, businesses will have to bring-in Blockchain with layers of features and open stricture to ensure that the consumers are not wary about it. This transition, however, seems more effective in 2019, although Blockchain will not find it easy!

4. Spurt in Voice-Controlled ChatBots

…without making consumers feel disconnected, distanced

ChatBots have changed the way enterprises operate, particularly those which don’t want to put a premium on teams recruited to handle customer interactions. These conversational bots were limited to messages at one time but have progressed immensely.

2019 will surely pave the way for the methods, through which, Chatbots will interact.

With customized Conversational SmartBots taking a lead in e-commerce platforms, retail environments and healthcare domains; enterprises will surely be benefited, as it will help them in improving the operating costs. Moreover, ChatBots might serve the purpose of valuable data extraction and collation apart from their everyday interactive capabilities.

These Conversational AI are no longer an argued technology, but highly dedicated resources with integrated voice controls, strict adherence of protocols; and are deeply rooted in the cloud computing ecosystem to ensure maximum data efficiency.

The need to arm businesses with such assistant technology is because they are smart, predictive and have capabilities to learn and adapt to new, challenging environments.

In 2019, businesses will take upon challenges associated with changing consumer mindset paradigm, i.e. interacting with voice-controlled Chatbots is not about vague machine-based interactions. However, it will take some serious enterprise efforts.

This massive digital transformation may or may not raise enterprise productivity right away, but it should become more common throughout 2019.

Concluding Thoughts

…as we get ready for an exciting 2019

2018 has witnessed impressive tech partnerships; IT brands that chose to walk alone. And irrespective of how digital experience creators change strategy in 2019, this year will be more excelling.

Innovation will continue to thrive, no matter how disruptive. Companies across all verticals will seek tech solution providers, who have more room for a collaborative approach as navigating emerging technologies is not easy.

The year 2019 will be all about some platforms attaining sustainability while others getting themselves noticed. If someone said, “It is a jungle out there…” the timing would be just about perfect…now!