The users of smartphones will exceed the figure of 2 billion in 2016 as announced by

In fact, 80% of internet users own a smartphone and use it for web browsing.

Today, users want everything quickly and easily- for these mobile phones are the best portable and easily accessible devices. This is the reason why most of the companies are investing a huge sum of money on mobile marketing i.e. to reach where their customers are.  This makes opting for a dedicated mobile app a sensible decision.

Read ahead to find out the 5 reasons why your business need a mobile app:

1. On-the-Go Marketing

Your customers can explore your offerings, be it products or services, anytime, anywhere. This translates into improved sales and ultimately better profit margins. App gives you Direct Marketing Channels to serve customer personalized information such as product descriptions, offers, booking forms, news feeds, support and much more at a single platform.

2. Makes Product Sales Easier

Mobile apps allow you to sell easier than ever before and are actually changing the way people buy, sell and offer services. Mobile apps have even brought a change in the way customers analyze products before making the buying decision. As buyers become more informed, your dedicated mobile app will assist them in finding the information they are looking for in less time. Also, these applications are perfect for offering service and support- two of the major factors that drive sales.

3. Capturing Real-Time Consumer Data

Smartphone apps simplify customer information capturing. Their preferences and actions generate information that can be used to deliver personalized content and services that are more relevant to a particular buyer. A good way is by providing users an option to opt-in to a data program with an assurance that this will be used to improve their experience.

4. Improved Customer Engagement with Mobile Apps

By ensuring that your business is in the palm of your patron, you are creating greater engagement which is indispensable for a sustained consumer base. You can keep your buyers engaged everywhere- while in the car or waiting at the bank.

Also, the location and profile information of the customers can be used to generate personalized offers for them.

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5. Mobile Apps Act Like Social Platforms

Today, everybody is obsessed with social media. You can incorporate some social media features such as likes, comments, sharing and in-app messaging to make our application more sticky. In fact, your customers can share, review and discuss products in a personalized mobile application.

Mobile app development can be seen as the future of social interaction by building consumer communities within the review section. The latest example of this being

Once you have established the kind of mobile application you need to get developed for your business, the next step is choosing the right app developer. It is best not to trust any newbies without substantial credentials for developing your app as improper functioning of the app can adversely affect your business impression on patrons.

Trust an Experienced Mobile App Developer

Choosing an experienced partner with the necessary amount of expertise can warrant large scale benefits in the long run. For instance, you can rely upon the services of an experienced partner like Clavis Technologies who has developed over 900 apps with their affiliates on Apple, Android and Windows platforms.

Choosing an app development partner who can develop apps for both Android as well iOS platform will help you serve a wider clientele as your users will be distributed across both platforms.

Even conventional businesses can think of including a bigger and younger audience under their ambit by developing business-specific applications. Since youngsters choose to rely on their mobile devices for most activities, targeted mobile applications can help companies to reach them in a more effective manner.

With a thriving mobile industry, not investing in a dedicated mobile application for your business can prove to be detrimental for your business growth, making you lag behind your competitors.

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