Remember Pokémon GO released in 2016? This AR-based gaming app became an international sensation overnight. Players went crazy locating and capturing Pokémon characters that pop up in the real world — on the pavement, in a fountain, even in your neighbor’s bathroom.

Seeing the phenomenal success of Augmented Reality (AR) over time, this is now among the most remarkable technology trends of 2019 and is only going to get more prominent.

AR is an accredited reality for various industries including defense, automotive, education, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, travel, and hospitality as well.

The Hospitality industry is implementing this advanced technology as a powerful marketing tool. Why you may ask?

With the constant up-surge in queries and demands of customers for better and transparent services and comfort, it has become imperative for the sector to come up with the BEST. And what’s better than the expressive reality of the augmented world.

Read how this real-world immersive technology is redefining the bustling market of hospitality for good.

Augmented Reality (AR) – What’s That?

AR technology coalesces digital information into a real-time environment. In other words, it manipulates a user’s perception of the real world by integrating immersive sensations with digital components that are perceived as part of a natural environment.

More explicitly, it is a gainful interactive experience for customers to get fully immersed into a physical reality in real-time using computer technology.

Role of Augmented Reality in Hospitality Industry:

1. Imperative Role that AR plays in the Hospitality Domain

AR reshapes perception, and this prodigious feature is what plays a prominent role in the Hospitality industry.

Experts say that the hotel businesses, who leverage AR, will more deeply connect with their customers and thereby will stand out the strongest to reap its maximum benefits.

As hospitality is all about offering the best of the class services to their guests and in the best way possible, AR ensures that the connection between them stays strong. Let’s understand the benefits of AR with examples.

2. Enhance Customer Relationship with AR Integration

Suppose a customer is searching for booking a hotel room online, reservation for an evening meal; or business personals looking for corporate board meetings, etc. In such situations, what they need is a convenient and satisfactory booking experience. This is where AR applications can come in handy.

Whether it’s room, interior décor, amenities, onsite dining, or anything; with effective exploitation of augmented reality, hotels can create an enhanced immersive experience for customers.

They can, further, market their full spectrum of services and advertise the hotel with accommodation details, prices, information on hotel location, etc. By virtue of SMART Phones, customers can explore every nook and corner on the show along with nearby attractions or places to visit.

This level of enhancement makes a huge impact on their minds and provides the level of information transparency they ask for. Thus, with AR integration to hotel websites, customers can have access to all the information they tend to ask for, both before arriving at the hotel and once they get there.

And if everything that they view is as per to their heart’s content, Viola! You might have inspired a long-lasting relationship with a potential customer.

3. Makes Travelling A Unique Experience

Visualization of the information on an advanced level makes AR a better and more interesting alternative to conventional brochures in order to attract travelers’ attention.

With AR apps, it can show tourists directions and routes when visiting a new country or unfamiliar location, or translate those signs on the boards to reach a destination quicker. AR apps can also provide detailed information as people point their smartphone to a certain image/location. Thus, AR applications can serve as the best guide for any traveler.

With features like geo-tagging and customization of locations, AR apps can guarantee effective communication. All relevant information can be accessed by guests or travelers in an interactive and immersive manner. If a hotel app can help its guests or travelers with all this and more, who wouldn’t appreciate this?

Moreover, AR apps can also provide relief to travelers by breaking the communication barrier and translating everything into English, especially at places where English is not the first language or a bit rare.

With these examples, one can understand how Augmented Reality is becoming a vital concept for the hospitality sector.

4. Future of Hospitality with Augmented Reality

The hospitality industry is all about the trust between guests (customers) and hosts (hospitality service providers).

This sector thrives on customer satisfaction and welcomes every concept, idea or technology that loops around enhancing the customer experience. They will employ everything at their disposal to serve the best to their customers.

With interactive assistance of augmented reality, hotels can reshape the perception of their customers of the reality they are in and sell their services more effectively.

Thus, one can say that AR is transforming into the next best interactive customer experience for the benefits of this sector. They can profitably boom in terms of offering an intuitive interactive experience to their customers if Augmented Reality is involved.

Also, the popularity and profits of Augmented Reality are influencing the market and expected to reach $117.4 billion by 2022. An important fact that seems non-ignorant.

The Conclusion

With so many enticing benefits, many app development companies in the hotel and travel industry are embracing and implementing Augmented Reality into their platforms.

While this trend is still in its infancy, it will be both fun and interesting to see how AR technology will impact the hotel and hospitality space.

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We, as an IT consulting and solution provider of next-gen businesses, can build innovative, mobile-based AR apps to engage more customers and generate more revenue for your business.

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