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We develop beautiful, unique and distinctive fonts in line with your brand. Our years of experience in typeface has given us the expertise in creating traditional or modern fonts. 

Custom Font Design


Have a custom font for your organisation is a powerful brand asset that allows you to be stand apart from your competition. It’s impact is greater especially when you tie it in well to your logo or colours to deliver an added uniqueness to your brand’s character.

Using it as a brand tool gives an added values to your messaging, and we at Clavis understand how a custom brand fonts make an impact while giving you creative control. Plus we love busting the myth that it is too expensive for mid-range branding projects.


Just like all creative processes, we design fonts by understanding your brand, its attributes and how you want it portrayed. This is a fairly detailed process that helps us identify the consumer likes and dislikes; that becomes the starting point of our font design process. 

A perfect coupling of our design and technology experience gives us a strong advantage of designing and developing fonts that can be used for print and web publishing and mobile platforms while maintaining clarity, readability and impact. 


When creating a font, there are a number of elements that need to be handled in the actual design and development. Just understanding your customers is not enough. Once we have a high level understanding of the type of font we take detailed design and geometric steps that make sure all aspects such as font weights, width, contrast, height, curves, corners, serifs, slabs, italics, obliques and openness are looked into.

With that we add the impact of scalability, geometrical designs, variations and dynamism that ensures it looks great for use aesthetically and creatively.

The Sprite Campaign

The Coca Cola company wanted a unique font created for one of its Sprite campaigns. We took on the project to create a font that tied in perfectly with the sprite logo that gave the campaign a higher impact.

Creating the complete font under a high pressure deadline was delivered in a matter of 30 days after which the creative team designed a beautiful campaign that connected with millions of consumers across the country. 

The campaign wanted to send a cool vs uncool message to the audience while representing great taste. The font was an integral part of the message and tied in perfectly to give an boost to the already powerful message.  

Font type: True Type

Variations: Light, Normal, Heavy

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