Angular JS is a powerful JavaScript framework designed by Google with the aim of simplifying tasks. Angular JS functions as an energy booster for your website and web application. The framework is super-fast and has been acquainted with the common tasks in a website such as routing, cookie management, and XHR requests. This incredibly powerful tool is necessary for developing highly interactive web applications. An ideal modern-day web development tool, Angular JS, expands the HTML Document Objective Model to make it more scalable and responsive.

Angular JS: The Right Tool for a Developer

A full-featured JavaScript can enhance the efficiency and user-friendliness of a website. Developers prefer Angular JS for its effectiveness in creating robust single page apps and supportive MVC (Model View Controller) programming structure. The intuitiveness of Angular JS makes it an ideal tool for a developer in a business environment.

With Angular JS, you can use HTML to create templates and expand the syntaxes to express the components of your web application. The framework also helps to enhance the structure of your JavaScript Code. This helps developers and coders to easily test the applications. Tweaking an HTML script with few essential attributes can build a powerful angular app. Such a simple framework can help you meet the deadlines when you are in a time crunch.

Just like an engine exerts a torque to move a vehicle, Angular JS adds speed to the development of web applications. If your enterprise has not started implementing Angular JS in web applications, then you are already missing out on a lot of business possibilities.

Angular JS does not require additional frameworks or plugins to work. The framework includes all tools needed to create a rich user experience. Other than the advantages of it being created by Google and has MVC done ‘right’, here are 9 benefits we have listed that you can reap by adopting Angular JS:

1. User Interface

With Angular JS, developers can build lightweight, user-friendly applications. The framework relies on HTML to produce the ideal user interface for application and web users. For creating an appropriate user interface, Angular JS is the go-to solution, as it is ideal for hassle-free delivery of tasks.

2. Testing

Testing is a crucial part of software development in any field. When the Google team developed the Angular JS framework, it had also upgraded its testing capabilities for developers to easily spot code defects and errors. Web developers can leverage on this attribute of Angular JS in order to finish projects within the stipulated timeframe.

3. Coding

Knowing the painful details about a language is a critical part of the entire process of coding. Angular JS removes the coding bottleneck. The framework relies on simple HTML, allowing a convenient creation of interactive user interfaces. With Angular JS, your website or app can perform more tasks with less code requirements. Therefore, wastage of time due to a vast amount of coding complexities can be avoided.

4. Speed

With the scope of easy testing and MVC architecture, developers can scale up their projects and deliver the results faster. This ultimately makes Angular JS a favorite amongst millions of developers around the world.

5. Data Binding

Angular JS is the most famous framework on search engines today. The credit goes to the two-way data binding capability of the framework. A developer finds it easy to notice any changes made to the earlier mentioned modules. In Angular JS, the model is treated as a single source of truth as a part of data binding. When the model changes, the view reflects the change and vice versa — the view is nothing but a projection of the model.

6. Modularity

A web app is built on modules. This means better flexibility, functionality, and architecture. With Angular JS, a developer can split up the project easily into different modules, positively impacting the workflow statistics and results.

7. Single Page Application Features

Angular JS comes with plenty of SPA attributes, which makes it easier to control online forms. Developers get the opportunity to have more control over form validation abilities, ensuring quicker workflow.

8. Filters

Filters play an imperative role in the web development process with Angular JS. These serve as organizers for stored data. You can rely on a variety of filters like Number, OrderBy, Uppercase, Lowercase, and many others. These filters help create database search functionality and present big chunks of data to a user.

9. Custom Directives

With Angular JS, you can create custom HTML directives, further removing the limits of the framework.

It is important to note that the Angular JS application framework was created by tech giant Google. The company also has a dedicated team of skilled professionals and developers actively working on this platform. This means Angular JS is only going to get better in the future, untangling the complexities of web development processes even more! So, if you have not switched to Angular JS yet, then it’s high time you made the decision.


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