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Intelligent Document Processing

  • Automate data extraction from all business documents.

  • Consolidate extracted data from multiple sources and formats.

  • Push data to ERP/CRM or in Excel/CSV.


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The Leaders Trust us with their Automation Projects 

One of the problems we faced was to find a smart way to automatically extract insights from unstructured data in research reports, news stories, etc. We used this AI platform to address our requirement and were pleased with the results.

Deutsche Bank

We engaged during the development of our sales professional-oriented product which required a critical feature centered around retrieving only the relevant, latest news about employees and organizations they work in. The project was completed on schedule and this desired feature powered by their platform incorporated in our product to our satisfaction.

Heighten Inc.

To help us further enhance our marketing efforts in areas such as search engine marketing and optimization through AI and automation, we got results in a short period of time that helped us grow our business.


Project Engagement

No matter which industry you cater to, the automation of mundane data entry tasks can lead to huge efficiencies. We follow an effective process for onboarding and managing the automation across the project lifecycle.

Requirement Gathering and Analysis

Project or MVP Cost and Time Estimate

Blockchain in healthcare

Onboarding and Project Kick-off

Automation, RPA, IDP and Project Tracking

Featured IDP Success Stories

Invoice processing from 200+ vendors automated 

A leading alcobev eCommerce received invoices from over 200 vendors with different formats in English and French via email and post. 95% automation across multiple stages from tracking and tagging, to capturing, organising, extracting and formatting the output in Excel. Processing, along with an error report for easy manual verification, before the data gets uploaded to their ERP, saved thousands of man hours each month. 

Blockchain in healthcare

85% automation for a leading healthcare provider

A multi-national healthcare provider with over 20 hospitals and care centers had the task of manually processing thousands of invoices every day. Data extraction and processing of over 85% of invoices received by the AP finance team were automated saving over 50,000 man hours each year. The implementation of IDP helped reduce the backlog from days to hours. Increased data accuracy led to error reduction caused by manual entry.

BL automation for large logistics company 

Automated extraction of scanned bill of ladings, verification of container details and printing the receipt all in a matter of minutes. No longer do the reps have to visit the office and wait for manual processing of the documents. Kiosks with scanners do the job of scanning the B/L, identifying key data about the freight shipment including the container details, ship date, due date, quantity, destination and more. With a verified receipt for the carrier.

Automated Document Processing

Extract data in minutes that would manually take days:

  • Capture documents email and scanners
  • Extract key invoice data from native and scanned PDFs
  • Identify data in multiple languages

Automated Document Processing

Extract data in minutes that would manually take days:

  • Capture documents email and scanners
  • Extract key invoice data from native and scanned PDFs
  • Identify data in multiple languages

Intelligent extraction with 3 way matching

Extract data from scanned invoices or native PDF files and push them to your ERP or database


Capture invoices from all sources including email, scans, DMS and other communication channels.


Using a combination of AI with OCR gives high accuracy of text and number extraction.


Classification of captured data with rules results in accuracy levels of up to 99% and alert matching errors.


Pushing the extracted data to accounting software, ERP, Excel, CSV or direct to database.

Say NO to patchy tools

When off-the-shelf automation tools won’t cut out for your critical workflows, you need an expert in RPA and IDP that studies each step in your workflow and provide a fool-proof automation solution for your enterprise. As company with expertise in RPA and IDP, we study each step in your workflow and provide high value, effective automation.

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