You’ve got all the smarts when it comes to your organizational needs: you have shiny new computers, a high-speed internet connection, the best brains in the business, cloud computing and the works, but what about your HR? Most companies put human resource management systems or HRMS at the lowest priority in their “spending priority list” until they scale and find that they cannot hire enough, retain talent or process payroll correctly in time. 

Founders usually think of HR as just a hire-and-retire function. Although that might be true for some very small companies or startups with limited resources, most companies that grow fast understand the need for this very strategic department that can make or break a brand. With platforms like Glassdoor and LinkedIn having a significant influence on the joining decisions of employees, your company needs to focus on its employment experience.

Taking the first steps—understanding the need for an all-in-one HR platform

Software platforms such as Clavis’ HRMS, Workday, Deel, BambooHR, SuccessFactors, and others help organizations run like well-oiled machines. These software platforms automate archaic and redundant HR processes, reduce errors and ease communication, which is vital for an organization’s growth.

Most organizations have some common problems regarding their existing HR systems or processes. These include:

  • Decentralization
    Decoupled, standalone software or solutions that cannot share data rely on third-party format to ensure they can talk to each other.
  • Manual processes
    Companies often have paper-driven critical HR functions such as attendance management, payroll, and leave management. Others use manual methods for critical functions, causing delays and disruptions.
  • Lack of features
    Many HR software miss important features or do not offer them at all, causing companies to perform those functions manually or to make do with what they have.

If these frustrations sound very familiar, you might be stuck in the spreadsheet + paper + decoupled app bandwagon. However, many organizations are oblivious to the amount of difference an all-in-one HR software can make for an organization. Having the right software for the job helps teams take a step back and focus on growth instead of just getting things done.

This is where all-in-One HR software like Clavis’HRMS steps in to help you transform your organization for the better.

First things first: What is All-in-One HR Software anyways?

An all-in-one HR software handles every aspect of HR—from employee record management to payroll, performance management, hiring, time tracking, benefits management, leave management, onboarding, learning management, etc. The basic feature of any all-in-one HRMS is to let you rely on one software instead of twenty (or 2).


What are the benefits of an all-in-one HRMS?

An all-in-one HRMS gives you numerous benefits over multiple solutions. Some of the benefits that stand out include:

  1. Centralized repository of everything HR
    No matter what information you need, an all-in-one HRMS has everything neatly organized in a centralized database. There’s no need to rummage through mountains of files or hundreds of spreadsheets across drives to get the necessary information. Everything’s right where you need it. What’s better than a single source of truth for the entire organization?
  2. Scalability
    An all-in-one HRMS has the added benefit of growing with you. Don’t think you need all the modules? Simply switch off the ones you don’t need, and use them when you’re “big enough”.
  3. Simplicity
    All-in-one HRMS software such as Clavis’ HRMS simplifies your processes, streamlines them and helps you automate redundant tasks, making the job of HR simpler than ever before. You can also find everything in one place, making your life easy!
  4. Business success
    With an all-in-one HRMS software at work, your team can take time to improve employees’ employment experience instead of completing mundane tasks. An increased focus on employee engagement and management builds a happier and more productive workplace, boosting business success.
  5. A better employment experience
    Employees use HR software almost as often as HR teams. From using employee self-service portals to check pay slips, to attendance, to managing benefits, requesting leaves and so on, HRMS software helps employees have a frustration-free working experience. An all-in-one HR software helps HR teams and employees be more productive and work towards business growth.
  6. Better compliance
    With accurate, up-to-date information and accurate employee data, software such as Clavis’ HRMS boost compliance, eliminate bottlenecks, and get things done faster. A centralized HR software also helps ensure compliance with local labour laws and regulations, making it easier for an organization to meet its legal requirements and deadlines.
  7. Notifications and alerts
    Communication is the key to the success of any organization. With built-in alerts and notifications, software like Clavis’ HRMS help HR, managers, and employees get in touch with each other quickly. Additionally, the software also makes it easy to collect operational data such as performance reviews, time requests, savings, tax information and much more.
  8. Time tracking
    Whether you have employees working by the hour, day, week or month, Clavis’ HRMS and other all-in-one HRMS software help you easily process payrolls. With easy API integrations with popular attendance management systems, all-in-one HRMS software helps you save time while you track time efficiently.
  9. Employee engagement
    The job of HR teams does not end with hire and retire. Employee and company success is dependent on your teams being able to listen to employees and understand their challenges while also ensuring that they can provide feedback from the leadership to boost employee growth. Baked-in learning management systems also help to engage, train and help employees give their best to the company.
  10. Reportage
    Information is useless unless it is available to the right person at the right time. Clavis’ HRMS has powerful reportage that helps organizations worldwide make informed business decisions. Whether organizations are reviewing employee time off, changing benefits, or trying to see how their choices impact employees through surveys, reportage helps them make the right decision at the right time, boosting employee morale and company growth.

How do I know if an all-in-one HRMS software is right for my organization?

Buying and implementing an HRMS solution is a big deal. You can’t get one and then decide it is not good enough and move to another. There’s no better way to know if an HRMS software will help your organization than by asking for a demo. Organizations that create all-in-one human resource management systems offer in-person demos, demonstration videos and much more to ensure that they can help you make the right choice. Take that demo and find out if an all-in-one HRMS software is the right choice for you.

Final thoughts

All-in-one human resource management systems such as Clavis’ HRMS are the perfect way to ensure that you always get all the right tools at your disposal. These tools help you and your organization to boost employee morale and help your HR teams play a frontline role in employee satisfaction and growth. 

Thinking of getting an all-in-one HRMS solution? Send us an email or give us a call. Our product specialists will help determine if Clavis’ HRMS is the right fit for your organization.

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